We Remember 1918

Corinium Continous and Corinium Colour were delighted to support the We Remember 1918 event.

Dear Jonathan

On behalf of the We Remember 1918 Steering Group we would like to thank you for your support, time and effort towards the We Remember 1918 event. What happened over the Armistice weekend could not have happened without you.

We sought to achieve a balance between commemoration and celebration within the community-wide programme, conscious that for many in our community Remembrance Sunday can be painful any year, and even this year as we particularly mark the centenary of the ending of the Great War. 

Over the Remembrance weekend many arrived in the Parish Church to light a candle, and told stories of personal family memory of the Great War and of continuing pain even today. 

Whilst we all know that the Human Poppy captured the imagination not only of the people of Cirencester and the Cotswolds but also nationwide, it is important to remember that several other events took place under the We Remember umbrella including the Cotswold District Council Community Awards and the RBL concert on the 9th November.

Although the BBC and Facebook may have forgotten to mention them, we fully acknowledge how important these other events were.

The coming together of people of all ages from across the Cotswolds was truly amazing. This exceptional weekend brought people together to remember The Fallen in a very special way.

Our task now is to harness that community spirit going forward.

We will remember 1918.


From the We Remember 1918 Steering Group:
CCDT, The Barn Theatre, Royal British Legion, Cirencester Civic Society, Cirencester Parish Church, & Major David Hussey